Speed Reading Secrets


The core concepts of Speed Reading Secrets were formulated close to three decades ago when founder, Jim Nilzon, attended commercial pilot school in New Mexico and discovered that he could only read at 156 words per minute.

With this reading rate he was struggling to manage the reading load that came with the high-paced, highly technical training of becoming an airline pilot.

Impressed with his rapid progress, Jim continued to research and refine his speed reading concept and was soon able to improve his reading rate to 1,168 words per minute — an 8-times increase of his initial 156 words-per-minute rate.

Jim then went on to start a speed reading company that was based in Sweden, which within three years became one of the biggest speed reading training organizations in Europe, doing corporate training for companies like Coca Cola, IKEA and Microsoft. In addition, thousands of high-school and university students went through his seminars.

Because this training allowed people to at least double their reading rate, with improved comprehension and recall, it was revolutionary to many people. As a result, Jim’s company quickly caught the attention of the media, and was written up in several newspapers and magazines.

In 2003 he sold his share of the speed reading company to his partner and started crafting a brand new self-study course in English — Speed Reading Secrets — which was even more advanced than his seminars. Jim then moved permanently to the U.S., and the course was then sold from there over the internet.

Thousands have gone through this training with great results, and for a fraction of the cost of his former seminars, which was $1,500 per seat for 3-days of training.